Chronic Pain at Night | Pain Physicians Tyler Texas

An Overview of Chronic Pain at Night

Chronic pain at night can become a nightmare for many individuals in East Texas. Unfortunately, poor sleep can make chronic pain worse, leading to the endless cycle of increased pain, less sleep and less sleep, more pain. Because of this, individuals experiencing chronic pain at bedtime must find relief. The Tyler, Texas pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler are available to help patients with numerous diagnostic and treatment options.

The Connection between Sleep and Chronic Pain

The negative impacts of pain-related sleep loss in the United States is staggering. Acute and chronic pain is often associated with stress and poor health. Sleep plays a critical role in both health and stress levels. When individuals are not able to achieve a good night’s sleep on a regular basis, the body begins to shut down, pain increases and stress levels rise.

It has been estimated that only 37% of chronic pain sufferers achieve a good night’s sleep, while 45% of individuals with acute pain have good sleep quality.

Tips to Alleviate Chronic Pain at Night

Pain physicians in Tyler, Texas understand the importance of positive sleep quality in order to alleviate a person’s chronic pain level. Here are tips patients are encouraged to follow:

  • Only go to sleep when you are beginning to feel tired. A person is not able to will themselves to sleep at night. In fact, trying to force yourself to sleep actually makes matters worse.
  • Cool down your bedroom. Try various temperatures between 60-75 degrees to determine the ideal sleeping temperature.
  • Ensure your bed, pillows and blankets promote good sleep quality, such as lumbar support from a mattress and neck support from a pillow.
  • Increase physical activity each day. Many chronic pain sufferers believe movement will intensify the pain, but in many cases, regular physical activity is linked to less pain and better sleep.
  • Start a journal. Write down all of your thoughts before bed. Many individuals lose sleep on a regular basis because they worry about items at bedtime. Write your worries and thoughts down, close the journal and begin to relax.
  • Drink herbal tea and other evening beverages. Avoid coffee and other sugary/caffeinated beverages after dinner. If a person is more sensitive to caffeine, they may begin drinking mainly water and tea after lunch.

Tyler, Texas Pain Physicians are Available to Help Chronic Pain Sufferers

The Tyler, Texas pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler are available to assist individuals suffering from chronic pain at night that negatively impacts sleep. The physicians overall goal and mission is to help patients overcome pain using the most modern and conservative treatments available today, including:

  • Spinal decompression
  • Physical therapy
  • Injection therapy
  • Medications, both over-the-counter and prescribed

If you live in the East Texas area and are experiencing troublesome chronic pain at night, please contact the Tyler, Texas pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler today.


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