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An Overview of Chronic Back Pain

Even though the human body is very resilient and has the ability to heal on its own, countless people in the Tyler, Texas area experience chronic back pain. Low back pain is estimated to impact 80% of adults at some point, with ongoing pain being the most common cause of job-related disability and missed work days. Pain Recovery Center of Tyler specializes in treating various causes of back pain with effective treatment options such as spinal decompression, pain management injections and physical therapy exercises.

What is Chronic Pain?

Pain fibers are a special form of nerves that are found throughout the body. These nerves carry pain signals to the brain to let the body know something is not right.

Pain has many benefits to the body. Pain helps the body release chemicals that promote healthy healing, as well as let the body know when it is pushed too far. When the body becomes injured, pain lets a person know where the injury is located and the type of pain helps a physician diagnose and treat the medical condition.

Acute pain occurs after an individual stubs a toe, breaks a bone or pulls a muscle. As the body heals, the pain subsides. Chronic pain is completely different. Chronic pain is characterized as pain that lasts longer than 3 months with no relief. Chronic pain is often found in patients with no injury present, which makes the health condition more difficult to control without medical assistance.

What to Know About Low Back Pain

Low back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability and missed work days in the United States. In a large survey conducted by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NIH), more than 25% of adults reported low back pain within the past 3 months.

Low back pain can range from a dull, constant ache to a sharp, stinging sensation. Pain may be caused by lifting an object incorrectly, or from the spine gradually wearing down from age. In many cases, chronic back pain is associated with the spinal components degenerating. When the spine ages, the discs allow less shock absorption, which leads to disc ruptures and contact with surrounding nerves.

Top Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain has become a growing problem in recent years. The majority of low back pain cases are mechanical in nature. Some common causes of chronic back pain include:

  • Degenerative disc disease (DDD)
  • Herniated or ruptured discs
  • Radiculopathy
  • Sciatica
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Scoliosis

Treating Chronic Low Back Pain

The pain management doctors at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler understand that each case of low back pain is unique and requires a customized treatment approach. Our clinic offers innovative, conservative treatment options including physical therapy exercises, spinal decompression, pain management medications, epidural steroid injections and nerve block therapies.

To learn more about chronic back pain, or to diagnosis the cause of your low back pain, please contact the Tyler, Texas office of Pain Recovery Center of Tyler today.


Workers Compensation Doctors | Work Injuries | Tyler Texas

The Importance of Workers’ Compensation Doctors in East Texas

Work injuries are quite common in the Tyler, Texas area. Many workers are at risk of injury no matter what sector they are in, ranging from machinery injuries to carpal tunnel syndrome. When an injury occurs, residents of East Texas can depend on the workers’ compensation doctors at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler. The team works directly with employers, attorneys and insurance adjusters on a daily basis, so you can rest assured you are in good hands when it comes to a diagnosis, treatment plan and return to work.

The Most Common Work Injuries

Serious, and often debilitating, work injuries are common with a wide range of injuries that occur across all occupational sectors. In 2015 and 2016, 144 workers in the United States were killed and 621,000 estimated non-fatal injuries were reported in the workplace. These work injuries amounted to 4.5 million lost working days.

In order to keep employees working, employers must maintain a safe work area and allow break times, and employees must be extremely careful around machinery, when performing heavy lifting and other duties essential to their jobs.

Here are the most common work injuries:

  • Slips, trips and falls from spills, items not properly closed and put away, etc.
  • Muscle strains from heavy lifting and prolonged bending or squatting
  • Crashes and collisions in work vehicles, forklifts and other moving machinery
  • Repetitive strain injuries from poor posture, typing, filing, lifting and performing other work-related movements
  • Cuts and lacerations from improper protection and equipment usage
  • Walking into objects while not paying attention or items being unnecessarily moved

When to Contact Workers’ Compensation Doctors

When a worker becomes injured, navigating the medical process can cause stress and discomfort. The first step is to report any injury to an employer. If an injury is not reported at the time of incident, a claim may not be valid. The injured worker must then visit a workers’ compensation doctor for a diagnosis and thorough treatment plan.

The workers’ compensation doctors at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler not only provide a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan, but they also perform a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) test to determine the injured workers ability to fully perform the physical demands of their jobs. The physicians also perform tests to determine the extent of bending, lifting and standing.

Any injured worker in the East Texas area can depend on Pain Recovery Center of Tyler to help them return to work in a timely manner. The workers’ compensation doctors are sensitive and understand the importance of communication between patient and employer.

If you live in the Tyler, Texas area and have experienced an injury at work, please contact the workers’ compensation doctors at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler. The physicians specialize in work injuries and strive to return workers to their jobs as quickly as possible.

Pain Awareness Month | Chronic Pain | Pain Management

September is Pain Awareness Month

Did you know nearly 100 million individuals in the United States suffer from chronic pain? That is more than those with cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined. Living with pain can hinder everyday life and cause East Texas residents to no longer enjoy work, hobbies, sports or family time. Because of the large number of Americans that struggle with ongoing pain, September has been designated as Pain Awareness Month. The pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler are here to share facts on chronic pain, common causes and the importance of pain management.

What is Chronic Pain?

Pain is defined as a warning sensation that indicates a problem within the human body that needs addressed. Pain begins in receptor nerve cells located beneath the skin and in organs throughout the entire body.

Chronic pain is typically characterized as pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks (3 months). Acute pain is a normal sensation that occurs immediately after an injury and subsides as the injury heals, but chronic pain is very different. Chronic pain can last for months, or even years, without an injury present.

Common Causes of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability in the country. Common causes include:

  • Lower back pain
  • Arthritis pain
  • Headaches
  • Postsurgical pain
  • Post-trauma pain
  • Cancer pain
  • Nerve damage pain
  • Psychogenic pain (no injury, health condition or nerve damage present)

In certain individuals, chronic pain is present without any prior injury. This pain is often associated with fibromyalgia, endometriosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and TMJ.

The Importance of Pain Management

Pain management is an extremely important portion of the medical field. With millions of Americans struggling with chronic pain each day, pain physicians and their specialized training are critical for diagnosing and treating the pain.

There is no single test that can precisely locate and measure pain. Pain physicians often depend on various diagnostic tests and their patient’s own description of the type, location, severity and timing of chronic pain. When patients define pain as burning, tingling, dull, sharp, constant or off-and-on, pain physicians are better able to narrow down potential causes.

When it comes to chronic pain, the overall goal of treatment is to reduce pain while improving body function. The exact treatment plan is determined by the cause. Common treatments include:

  • Over-the-counter and prescription medications
  • Nerve blocks and other pain management injections
  • Spinal decompression
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Physical therapy exercises
  • Yoga
  • Psychotherapy

If you live in the East Texas area and are struggling with chronic pain, or would like to help a loved one during Pain Awareness Month, please contact the pain management office of Pain Recovery Center of Tyler today.