Physical Therapy Services | Rehabilitation | Pain Management Tyler Texas

An Overview of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Physical therapy is a form of pain management commonly used to relieve pain and improve or restore physical function following an injury. Physical therapy, also referred to as rehabilitation, is also used in the treatment of chronic health conditions such as osteoarthritis, cancer-related issues and ongoing back and neck pain. Pain Recovery Center of Tyler offers various physical therapy services and pain management to Tyler, Texas residents.

What are Physical Therapy Services?

Physical therapy services are performed by a licensed physical therapist in order to make daily activities and work tasks easier to perform. A physical therapist is specially trained to relieve pain while promoting a greater range of motion and mobility in patients affected by an injury or health condition, as well as after surgery.

At the beginning of treatment, a physical therapist will examine the patient and discuss symptoms, onset of symptoms, daily activities, work tasks and any athletic activities. A rehabilitation program will then be developed. The overall goal of physical therapy services is to help the joints move pain-free with a greater range of motion and to increase the patient’s strength, flexibility and coordination.

The first rehabilitation step is to reduce pain and swelling in the affected area. This is achieved with over-the-counter medications, pain management injections, manual therapy, heat, cold or ultrasound stimulation. The second step is exercise. Exercise and physical activity are essential to a healthy body, so physical therapy services almost always include some form of exercise. Common examples include weight lifting, walking and stretching.

The type of physical therapy services a patient receives varies from one individual to the next. The exact rehabilitation treatment is dependent on the initial physical examination, symptom severity, patient’s age and patient’s physical activity level.

Physical Therapy Services can Benefit Almost All Tyler, Texas Patients

Physical therapy services can benefit almost, if not all, patients who are suffering from a musculoskeletal injury, are recovering from an orthopedic surgery or are having difficulties walking and maintaining proper balance and coordination.

Two of the most common reasons rehabilitation is prescribed are chronic back and neck pain and orthopedic surgery recovery. A physical therapist is able to reduce back and neck pain by controlling swelling with therapeutic exercises. Home exercises and proper lifting techniques also play a significant role in managing pain. Physical therapy services are also associated with orthopedic surgery recovery in many individuals. After surgery, physical therapy has the ability to decrease swelling, increase strength and regain full range of motion.

How can a Patient Help Rehabilitation Efforts?

Each patient plays a critical role in their rehabilitation efforts. It is important to attend all appointments, as well as engage in home exercises as prescribed. Physical therapy services are an active process that requires a team approach from the physical therapist and patient.

If you live in East Texas and would like information on rehabilitation and physical therapy services, please contact the office of Pain Recovery Center of Tyler- pain management clinic in Tyler, Texas.


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