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Pain Management for Lower Back Pain Overview

Back pain, most often lower back pain, is a common health condition that affects about 80% of American adults at some point during their lifetime. Back pain is one of the main reasons adults miss work, as well as the leading cause of job disability. The Tyler, Texas pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler specialize in pain management for lower back pain, either acute or chronic pain.

Lower Back Pain Overview

Lower back pain is a health condition found in adults of all ages, as well as some children. The pain is characterized as either acute or chronic. Acute pain is defined as pain that lasts under three months, while chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts over three months. The pain can develop gradually over an extended period of time or occur suddenly after a sudden movement.

Back pain varies for each patient. Some patients report severe pain that diminishes their ability to perform normal activities, while some patients report mild pain that is just a simple inconvenience. Certain patients also report associated symptoms, including extremity weakness, numbness, tingling and radiating pain into the buttocks and legs.

Basics of the Lumbar Spine

Once patients have a better understanding of the lumbar spine (lower back) they are able to understand where lower back pain begins. The lumbar spine consists of five vertebras with discs in between each vertebra. The discs are responsible for providing cushion and allowing the spine to twist and bend during movements. The spine itself protects the sophisticated spinal nerves that travel through a space known as the spinal canal. The nerves branch out from the spinal canal and transmit messages between the brain and muscles. A system of muscles and ligaments surround the spine and provide support and stability to the lower back.

Lower Back Pain Causes

Lower back pain is commonly caused by improper lifting, lifting an object too heavy, poor posture, a muscle spasm or an awkward movement. The pain can also be caused by a more severe condition such as spinal nerve compression, herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal fractures, spinal arthritis or a failed back surgery.

Pain Management for Lower Back Pain

Pain management for lower back pain begins with a pain physician diagnosing the exact cause of pain. Once the issue is determined, a tailored treatment plan will be prescribed to alleviate pain. Common treatment options include anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), over-the-counter pain medications, injection therapy, physical therapy and spinal decompression.

For additional resources on lower back pain, or to determine the appropriate pain management plan for you, please contact the pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler located in Tyler, Texas.


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