Halloween Safety Tips | Injury Prevention | Tyler Texas

Injury Prevention and Halloween Safety Tips

Now is the time of year when kids, and some adults, dress-up in costumes and go trick-or-treating. Dressing-up and enjoying all of the candy collected are two of the many reasons families in the greater Tyler, Texas area love Halloween. Before your family begins roaming the streets, follow these Halloween safety tips courtesy of Pain Recovery Center of Tyler. Our pain physicians are proud to serve the East Texas area and to share injury prevention tips for all ages.

Halloween Injury Statistics

Research from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) shows that during 2007-2015:

  • Halloween was the holiday with the fifth highest number of emergency room visits among children 18 and younger, behind Labor Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Easter.
  • Head injuries accounted for the greatest proportion of injuries on Halloween (17.6%).
  • Children under age 5 (28.8%) and children ages 10-14 (28.5%) sustained the greatest proportion of injuries.

Halloween Safety Tips

Before your family takes off trick-or-treating this Halloween, follow these simple injury prevention tips.

  • Trick-or-treat safely

    • All children should have adult supervision at all times
    • Only approach homes that are well-lit
    • Beware of family pets when approaching their home
  • Keep Halloween costumes creative and safe

    • Carry glow sticks or wear glow jewelry as part of the costume
    • Select the right size costume and ensure children can walk well in it to avoid trips and falls
    • Use face paint and makeup instead of masks to help children see better
    • Decorate candy bags with reflective tape
    • Select a bright-colored costume, if possible, so children can be seen easier as the sun goes down
  • Walk safely while trick-or-treating

    • Cross the street at corners only after looking both ways
    • Always walk on paths and sidewalks. If the road is the only option, always walk facing traffic
    • Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes to avoid foot pain and/or slips and falls

Parents are also encouraged to carry a flashlight so they can see and be seen at all times, as well as a cell phone in case of an emergency. Halloween safety tips also extend to drivers. All drivers are encouraged to slow down and be alert during trick-or-treating hours in their community. Drive slowly and leave in plenty of time since automobile and pedestrian traffic will be heavier than normal. Following all of these tips will help ensure injury prevention for both parents and children.

As you and your family head out to trick-or-treat this Halloween, follow these simple Halloween safety tips. To learn even more about injury prevention, contact the Tyler, Texas pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler, or visit our website at www.paincentertyler.com.


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