Arachnoiditis | Pain Physicians | Tyler Texas

Arachnoiditis Overview

Arachnoiditis is a chronic pain condition caused by inflammation of the arachnoid, one of the membranes that protect and surround the nerves of the spinal cord. Patients suffering from this rare condition experience severe, burning back pain, muscle cramps and neurological problems. The pain physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler are available to help diagnose and treat Tyler, Texas patients with a number of pain management treatment plans designed to alleviate chronic pain.

What to Know about Arachnoiditis

Arachnoiditis is characterized as inflammation of one of the membranes that protect and surround the spinal cord nerves, known as the arachnoid. The arachnoid can become irritated and inflamed from a direct injury to the spine, a bacterial or viral infection, chronic compression of spinal nerves, spinal surgery complications or a failed back surgery. Inflammation to the arachnoid may cause scar tissue (adhesions) to form, leading to the spinal nerves “sticking” together. The sticking together of the nerves causes a number of troublesome symptoms in patients.

Arachnoiditis Symptoms

Patients with arachnoiditis experience back pain in the majority of cases, commonly located in the area where the spinal nerves connect the lower back and legs. Patients may also experience weakness, numbness or tingling in the legs, muscle cramps, severe shooting pain or the sensation of something crawling on the skin.

Diagnosing Arachnoiditis

A pain physician commonly uses an MRI scan or CAT scan to diagnose arachnoiditis. An EMG (electromyogram) is also used in many cases to assess the severity of damage to the nerve roots. An EMG uses electrical impulses to check nerve function.

Treating Arachnoiditis

Arachnoiditis is a difficult condition to both diagnose and treat. Treatment for this rare condition is similar to other chronic pain conditions. Pain physicians will focus on a pain management treatment plan that alleviates pain and improves symptoms so patients can enjoy everyday life.

Many physicians recommend a combination of pain management, exercise, physiotherapy and psychotherapy to provide pain relief and improve function.

For additional resources on the rare condition arachnoiditis, or for more information on pain management treatment plans for this condition, please contact Pain Recovery Center of Tyler’s pain physicians located in Tyler, Texas.


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